KMSpico v10.2.0 Activator - [Office and Windows] - [LATEST] ( Updated July 2019)


How To Activate Kmspico Office 2013 and Kmspico Windows 7

Download Kmspico, install and activate any version of Windows 10, Kmspico office 2013 and Kmspico windows 7 and enjoy hassle free work on your Desktops and PC. But before Kmspico download, you need to uninstall the previous version of the Kmspico.

As recommended at the time of any Software installation, you will need to disable Antivirus before installing Kmspico office 2013 and Kmspico windows 7, this is because antivirus may interfere in modifying Windows Registry entries that are compulsory for Windows and Office activation.

Steps to install Kmspico office 2013 and Kmspico windows 7

Let the installation finish first. After the successful installation of the tool on your pcs and desktop, KMSpico will run automatically.

Optional Steps

You can also create a tokens backup with the button: Create. After Pressing Red Button, finish the task with ‘Done’.

  1. KMSpico is compatible with Windows
  2. Windows Server 2012/2012R2
  3. Microsoft Office 2010 Any Version
  4. Microsoft Office 2013 Any Version
  5. Microsoft Office 365
  6. Windows 10 Activator
  7. Windows 10 all versions
  8. Windows Server Technical Preview Build 9841 all
  9. Windows Vista Any Version
  10. Windows 7 Any Version
  11. Windows 8 /8.1 Any Version
  12. Windows Server 2008/2008R2

The latest version of the Microsoft Window Windows 10 has too many negative reviews than positives and that is probably the reason why many people have not yet updated their systems with this latest version of the Window. The most common limitation is that Windows 10 is unable to turn off Auto Update automatically.

But there is a tool to nullify all the negativities of Windows 10. The modified version of KMSPICO for Windows 10 Activation has the power to overcome all the inherit negativities of Windows 10.


May be at the time of installation, you may see “Free Version and Free upgrade written” in the manual guide of the tool but that is a hoax. Don’t believe it and register the tool with Microsoft.

Use Kmspico to crack the system for making your Window lifetime. It is basically a bypass tool that trespasses the layers of security of a software to crack the executable file for activating the files of Office and Windows.

Universal features of KMSpico windows 10, KMSpico office 2013, and KMSpico windows 7

Suppose if have a Trial Version of Office 2013 Pro Plus which is due to expire in a few days what will you do to activate it permanently. Don’t do anything except hitting on the red button to activate it permanently. This is the magic of KMSpico that identifies you are running a trial version of the software and hence it needs to be activated permanently for life time.

If you only need to activate Office 365 Kmspico, it will not interfere with the other portion of the Windows. Just press the Red button and activate your office in seconds.

In case of Windows 7, there is a slight difference in the activation process, you will require .NET 4 on your PC. The rest of the process is same.  You can also activate Windows 8.1 Pro with Media Center Pack.

NOOB Friendly Interface

NOOB is a technical term that means a Software or a tool that anybody in the world can activate, install or run on computers and mobile phones without facing any difficulty. KMSpico also comes under Noob category. We promise you will be able to handle, Kmspico windows 10 very easily like a mobile app. If you still feel some difficulty, there is a Video available that will guide you step by step.

Offline Installation

During installation what irritates us most is internet failure. After every internet failure, we need to start the installation from the step one.

Offline means when you do not require internet to install software. KMSpico is an offline tool. Though you can also install it online as well. That will not harm your PC or desktop.

Tool Compatible with Windows Vista

It is a tool developed by our hack team to activate the OS. It has a specialty to identify a unique system of Vista and bypass its trial period.

 No keys required to install KMSpico

No, because the entire process is done automatically in a very quick time and you don’t need to enter a single key.

KMSpico helps with Windows 10 Technical Preview

Windows 10 is still in the developing phase, even if you have got the product key, you are not able to get rid of the watermark.  Use KMSpico latest version to get rid of it easily.

Useful for activating Windows 7 and 8?

As mentioned in the intro, KMSpico is a universal activator so it can activate almost all types of Windows. Though Windows can be activated with “Windows Leader” as well, but it is specific for every window and takes too much time. Plus, this tool recognizes automatically that Windows is in need of activation. After pressing the Red button, activation will take just 3 seconds.


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