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  • Backdrops – Wallpapers Pro APK for Android ((FREE))

    Download Backdrops – Wallpapers PRO 2.0.4 APK

    Backdrops – Wallpapers PRO 2.0.4 APK

    The post contains information on Wallpapers PRO 2.0.4, its features, uses and installation instruction. You can download the Wallpapers PRO 2.0.4 from the given link.

    Backdrops- Wallpapers PRO 2.0.4- an Introduction

    Why you need to scrap the wall paper Apps you have downloaded so far the operating system of your Android phone including the previous versions of Backdrops- Wallpapers PRO Apk and download latest Backdrops- Wallpapers PRO 2.0.4 Apk on your phone. You will be able to decide it yourself once you will review it features and compare them with the features of other wallpaper Apps. We bet you will find Backdrops- Wallpapers PRO 2.0.4 a far better App than the wallpaper apps you have been using so far. Let us tell you why we are so confident of Backdrops- Wallpapers PRO 2.0.4 APK. Let us review its features one by one here.

    Backdrops- Wallpapers PRO 2.0.4- notable features

    Some notable features of Backdrops- Wallpapers PRO 2.0.4 are as follows

    1. Once you will say hello to backdrop App, it will greet you with hundreds of original handcrafted wall papers designed exclusively for your Android phone.
    2. You can share your own work or photography in the App. If the quality of your submission is good, it can get selected for the Backdrops- Wallpapers PRO 2.0.4 Community Tab.
    3. The App will showcase your newly created backdrops and will hence provide you a platform to get your work promoted and acknowledged by the world
    4. Unlock Backdrops- Wallpapers PRO 2.0.4 bonus collections and get access to some incredibly amazing original design wallpapers
    5. The original design wall papers will be added to the Explore section of the App
    6. Just make a collection of your wallpapers and combine with Muzei to see your favorite wallpapers rotating according to the time set by you

    How is Backdrops- Wallpapers PRO 2.0.4 different?

    Some new features included in the latest version Wallpapers PRO 2.0.4 APK which make it special than other Wallpaper Apps are as follows

    1. Pro button fixed for being shown to pro users
    2. Synchronize favorites through settings and then fix crash

    Backdrops- Wallpapers PRO 2.0.4 – how to install it on your phone

    Follow these instructions to download and install Backdrops- Wallpapers PRO 2.0.4 on your phone

    1. Download Backdrops- Wallpapers PRO 2.0.4 on your Android phone from the link given below
    2. Now visit settings section of your phone
    3. Click Security>> Allow unknown sources
    4. Now install it on your phone Applying normal procedure
    5. That is all you need to do to install Backdrops- Wallpapers PRO 2.0.4 apk on your Android phone. Now decorate your phone with beautiful wallpapers.
  • MX Player Pro Apk : MX Player Pro for Android ((FREE))

    Download MX Player Pro Apk Full Latest version 1.8.0

    Download MX Player Pro Apk Full Latest version 1.8.0

    This post contains download link MX Player Pro Apk Full Latest version 1.8.0 and the instructions how to install it on your computer.

    MX Player Pro Apk Full Latest version 1.8.0- what it is?

    MX Player Pro Apk is a latest video player with multi core decoding feature, the first Android App supporting this feature. The video player contains no ads hence no interruption occurs during videos. The App is compatible with Android phones and tablets. You can easily zoom in or out, pinch or swap across the screen. You can call it an absolutely perfect for enjoying movies of all formats because it supports almost all available file formats.

    How to install MX Player Pro Apk Full Latest version 1.8.0

    It is very easy to install MX Player Pro apk on your Android device. Just follow the below given instructions

    1. Go to Google play store, type MX Player Pro Apk Full Latest version 1.8.0.
    2. Click on the link and that is all.
    3. The software will self-install on the operayting system of your device.
    4. Now enjoy watching high quality HD videos on your mobile phone and tablet

    System requirements

    Your Android device should possess following configuration to support MX Player Pro Apk Full Latest version 1.8.0.

    1. It should have at least Android 2.1 dual core processor or more than that and minimum IGB RAM
    2. The latest version is MX Player Pro 1.8.0
    3. Available in google play store

    MX Player Pro Apk- features

    The built in tools of the mobile phone are often incapable to support latest video, text, image and audio formats because they don’t have required drivers to play them. So android users often complain that this and that video is not playing on his/ her phone.

    At that time, omnivorous tools like MX Player Pro Apk ease their problems. It is capable to run each and every kind of file.

    So if you want to convert your large screen high resolution phone into a portable cinema, download MX Player Pro Apk. Some of the notable features of MX Player Pro Apk are as follows

    1. The interface is fresh and the functionality is wide and the omnivorous video player is rated as one of the best video players so far.
    2. It is first android App supporting multi-core decoding.
    3. A single decoding showed 70% increase in the performance
    4. The primary use is to play videos but you can also use it to hear music
    5. The free version of the App contains ads but the paid version is without ads. So invest some little money and install ad free MX player.
    6. MX player library contains a variety of themes. Once you will open the library of files, you will see a number of thumbnails. There is an update button and a contextual menu hidden behind “three dots”. The dots represents options for Contacting support, making settings, sorting files and network streaming. You can customize the things on will including themes and icons
    7. You can disable/enable display of the built in subtitles. You can choose folders selected by you to find them. You can customize the appearance by changing text font, color and stroke etc.
    8. You can easily switch between languages by flipping gestures on subtitles. This is very useful for users who are interested in learning foreign languages
    9. Your audio playback is not activated by default, you have to visit settings- select Audio
    10. You have background playback available for Audio and video files. If you will enable it, you will be able to listen audio only if you want to stop viewing video for some reason.
    11. You can manage operations by gestures such as adjusting volume by swiping up or down and the brightness on the left or rewind video by horizontal swiping
    12. You are viewing a video and happened to touch the screen accidently, the video will pause to play, to avoid this situation, you have special “Lock” button.
  • Tubemate Apk : YouTube Download for Android ((FREE))

    Tubemate Apk : YouTube Download for Android – [100% Working Free Download]

    Tubemate Apk Download

    TubeMate YouTube Downloader

    TubeMate is a free application for all those who love watching the videos on YouTube. This amazing application was introduced by Devian Tubermate. It is the fastest and the most famous YouTube Downloader present for the Android devices. Apart from watching the videos online on YouTube, you can also download it on your PC. This has been made possible by the TubeMate app. If you have an Android device whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet, you can now easily download the TubeMate Download for Android for free. And that too absolutely free. It’s doesn’t charge a penny for making any downloads online. The latest version of the TubeMate YouTube Downloader apk was made available in October,2016. However, you can still download the older versions if you wish for.  You can get the it free download here.

    TubeMate ScreenShots

    Tubemate Apk Download Screenshot

    Tubemate Apk Download screenshots2


    What’s Special About TubeMate for Android?

    The TubeMate Download is very easy to download. You don’t need to be very well-versed with technology to download the TubeMate for Android on your smartphone or tablet. Its easily found on internet and you can also download the free app in the form of apk file. You will download the TubeMate apk for Android and it will be directly downloaded on your Android mobile phone. You also get the freedom to customize your download according to your requirements. You can even search your favorite videos through TubeMate Search Feature for Android and download them simultaneously. You can also create the list of your favorite videos through it and also view the ID3 tags for fetching the information about the artist, album, title, etc.

    Its really easy to use this youtube downloader apk. You just have to type the title of your desired video in the top search bar and hit on the green arrow given in the green color on the bottom most part of your mobile screen. You can pick up the video quality according to your mobile screen and your internet bandwidth. The downloaded videos will move to your SD card by default. But there is always an option to move them to your internal storage in case the need arises.

    it is available in English and 34 more languages so that people can operate the application easily in their regional language. The app is absolutely free and it doesn’t contain any hidden charges or in-app purchases.

    If you have an Android smartphone or tablet with an Android version 2.1 or above, you can download the TubeMate apk easily through our website. The custom red interface is so easy to use that even a novice can become a pro at watching, download and converting the online videos through this amazing YouTube downloader app.

    Opinion About Tubemate Youtube downloader


    Special Features of TubeMate YouTube Downloader

    1. It makes use of the original fast download technology. So, no waiting for your video to play on your device.
    2. There is a special fast download mode for using multiple connections for a single download.
    3. There are many download resolutions available for different type of Android devices. You can choose accordingly and download your file.
    4. The download process runs in the background. You can operate other applications on your phone while TubeMate Downloader downloads your file in the background.
    5. You can download more than one files simultaneously.
    6. You can even pause and resume your download as per your convenience. In case of internet issues, the download will resume as soon as the connection is resumed.
    7. You can easily convert your file into readable formats like MP3. The MP3 converter is powered by the original MP3 Media Converter.
    8. You can download the videos in the MP4 or FLV format. In case of slower internet connections, you can use the AAC format for quicker download!
    9. You can use the application to watch the videos online even on the slow internet connection.
    10. You can play the videos on the app using the internal music player. No need to exit the app for playing your downloaded videos.
    11. In case you have low internet bandwidth, you can choose the lower quality videos to watch the videos without using much of your internet data.
    12. You can download the videos from various famous online video websites like Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vuclip, Metacafe, etc.
    13. The powerful search bar searches for the video you’re looking for by using only the 10 characters of the title.
    14. The progress of your downloads will be prompted in the notification bar. You will receive a notification whenever a download is finished. You can opt out from this option by changing the application settings of your smartphone.
    15. You can cancel or pause the ongoing download easily without actually even opening it. Just click on cancel on the download bar on your drop-down menu.
    16. You can search for the songs and videos directly from the app. You don’t have to juggle between the YouTube app and the TubeMate app to search for your file link.
    17. You can create your own playlist for the videos you like to play. The playlist option is powered by the authentic Meridian Player.
    18. You can share your favourite music videos on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, etc. you can even send them as an email attachment over Gmail.
    19. You can save your favourite video and create playlist to watch later.
    20. The saved videos automatically go into your SD card so that you can watch them whenever you want.
    21. It supports upto 4k video resolution and 60 FPS. This resolution is beneficial for you if you’re watching videos which were captured on Go Pros.

    What’s New in TubeMate YouTube Downloader (Version: 2.2.9)?

    In the latest version of TubeMate YouTube Downloader (Version: 2.2.9) the HTML 5 issue has been fixed for good. The latest version is free from pesky and incessant internet ads. Download Tubemate if you want to download the YouTube videos without any interruption from the commercials.  If you’re a podcast lover, you don’t need to watch the video necessarily for listening to what the artist is saying. Now with the latest version of You have the option of converting the video podcasts into MP3 Files. Isn’t that really cool?


    Despite these developments in the latest version, the application is still at the same price. It’s FREE! Click here to download the latest version of TubeMate Apk!

    The available resolutions for Downloader are:

    1. 1920×1080(Full-HD): Galaxy Tab, Galaxy S2, PC
    2. 1280×720(HD): high-end devices
    3. 640×360: general devices
    4. 320×240: low-end devices
    5. 640×360, 854×480(FLV): Android 2.1 and over

    However, these options also vary on the quality of the video uploaded on the YouTube and the quality of your smartphone.

    Pros of TubeMate YouTube Downloader for Android

    It is the best YouTube downloader App for Android. There is no doubt about that. It is very easy to use it on your Android device. You can share your favourite music videos with your friends easily on just one click vie WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, etc. Being smaller in size, the app doesn’t take much space on your smartphone’s storage.

    Cons of TubeMate YouTube Downloader for Android

    You will not be able to find the TubeMate YouTube Downloader for Android on google play which is the Android market for applications and games. Tubemate Download is only available as a third-party application. But there are certain websites which offer the Tubemate apk version and you can install the app as a third-party application. This is the only drawback of the application.

    More Info


    Terms of Use of TubeMate YouTube Downloader

    Users are advised to use the TubeMate App only for personal leisure purposes. The app shouldn’t be brought to use for any commercial purpose. In case of any commercial use of the app will be pursued in the court of law. Please download the TubeMate YouTube Downloader from the trusted websites, as there are many websites which tug along the malicious content along with the apk file.