MX Player Pro Apk : MX Player Pro for Android ((FREE)) ( Updated June 2019)

How to install

  • 1. Firstly, you need to download the .apk file from the given link
  • 2. Click on the .apk file to install the app
  • 3. A pop up displays on the screen
  • 4. Check the 'Unknown Sources' from the 'Settings' option in your phone
  • 5. Installation begins now
  • 6. Done
  • 7. Enjoy the app and download the YouTube videos easily.

Download MX Player Pro Apk Full Latest version 1.8.0

Download MX Player Pro Apk Full Latest version 1.8.0

This post contains download link MX Player Pro Apk Full Latest version 1.8.0 and the instructions how to install it on your computer.

MX Player Pro Apk Full Latest version 1.8.0- what it is?

MX Player Pro Apk is a latest video player with multi core decoding feature, the first Android App supporting this feature. The video player contains no ads hence no interruption occurs during videos. The App is compatible with Android phones and tablets. You can easily zoom in or out, pinch or swap across the screen. You can call it an absolutely perfect for enjoying movies of all formats because it supports almost all available file formats.

How to install MX Player Pro Apk Full Latest version 1.8.0

It is very easy to install MX Player Pro apk on your Android device. Just follow the below given instructions

  1. Go to Google play store, type MX Player Pro Apk Full Latest version 1.8.0.
  2. Click on the link and that is all.
  3. The software will self-install on the operayting system of your device.
  4. Now enjoy watching high quality HD videos on your mobile phone and tablet

System requirements

Your Android device should possess following configuration to support MX Player Pro Apk Full Latest version 1.8.0.

  1. It should have at least Android 2.1 dual core processor or more than that and minimum IGB RAM
  2. The latest version is MX Player Pro 1.8.0
  3. Available in google play store

MX Player Pro Apk- features

The built in tools of the mobile phone are often incapable to support latest video, text, image and audio formats because they don’t have required drivers to play them. So android users often complain that this and that video is not playing on his/ her phone.

At that time, omnivorous tools like MX Player Pro Apk ease their problems. It is capable to run each and every kind of file.

So if you want to convert your large screen high resolution phone into a portable cinema, download MX Player Pro Apk. Some of the notable features of MX Player Pro Apk are as follows

  1. The interface is fresh and the functionality is wide and the omnivorous video player is rated as one of the best video players so far.
  2. It is first android App supporting multi-core decoding.
  3. A single decoding showed 70% increase in the performance
  4. The primary use is to play videos but you can also use it to hear music
  5. The free version of the App contains ads but the paid version is without ads. So invest some little money and install ad free MX player.
  6. MX player library contains a variety of themes. Once you will open the library of files, you will see a number of thumbnails. There is an update button and a contextual menu hidden behind “three dots”. The dots represents options for Contacting support, making settings, sorting files and network streaming. You can customize the things on will including themes and icons
  7. You can disable/enable display of the built in subtitles. You can choose folders selected by you to find them. You can customize the appearance by changing text font, color and stroke etc.
  8. You can easily switch between languages by flipping gestures on subtitles. This is very useful for users who are interested in learning foreign languages
  9. Your audio playback is not activated by default, you have to visit settings- select Audio
  10. You have background playback available for Audio and video files. If you will enable it, you will be able to listen audio only if you want to stop viewing video for some reason.
  11. You can manage operations by gestures such as adjusting volume by swiping up or down and the brightness on the left or rewind video by horizontal swiping
  12. You are viewing a video and happened to touch the screen accidently, the video will pause to play, to avoid this situation, you have special “Lock” button.
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