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Download Pokemon Go v0.37.0 MOD game

Download Pokemon Go v0.37.0 MOD game

This article contains stuff on Pokemon Go v0.37.0

MOD game, its download link and instructions to install and use it.
Pokemon Go v0.37.0 MOD game was released globally in the July 2016 for Android and iOS devices.

Pokemon Go v0.37.0 MOD game- what it is?

  • If you are a Pokemon lover, then we have a very good news for you and the other millions of Pokemon lovers around the world. The developers of Pokemon have recently released Buddy Pokemon, a new update which gives player freedom to select any Pokemons body. Apart from this benefit, you have a chance to earn a candy for Buddy Pokemon if you will walk them some distance.
  • APK is also being getting updated to enable it to detect the rooted modified android devices.
  • Even if you are using rooted Android phone for Pokemon Go Hack, you can continue the Pokemon by utilizing RootCloak. The latter hides the root from the Go App.
  • There are other no-root Pokemon Go Hacks such as Tutuapp and FlyGPS which you can use instead of RootCloak.
  • The Good news is that Pokemon Go v0.37.0 is now compatible with Pokemon Go Plus device as well. Almost the bugs have been fixed which should make the game better for you.

Pokemon Go v0.37.0 MOD game- some notable features

Some notable features of Pokemon Go v0.37.0 MOD game are as follows

  1. It is a reality mobile game augmented on the basis of location. It is so far one of the most popular Android game of 2016. The game developed by Niantic has garnered millions of downloads around the world and its popularity and searches are increasing with each passing day.
  2. It is available in the Google play store but only for few countries. Currently it is available in countries like Germany, Australia, UK and Australia. You can also access in European areas and is some selected Asian countries.
  3. The Pokémon game we are going to discuss here can be accessed anywhere in the globe so leave it on us and enjoy the game
  4. Access Pokemon Go and discover a complete new world.
  5. Pokemon Go v0.37.0 MOD game has been constructed on Niantic’s Real World Gaming concept. It utilizes real locations to motivate players to discover Pokemon far and wide in the real world
  6. It allows players to trace and catch about hundred species of Pokemon once the player explores his/her surrounding
  7. So get ready to catch wild Pokémon present in your surroundings. Not just Pokemon, you have a chance to explore towns and cities around your habitation and even round the globe to search for Pokemon.
  8. As you will step out with your smartphone in your hand, your device will vibrate which means a Pokemon is somewhere present in your vicinity. Take aim, throw a poke ball to catch it.
  9. Remember when you will throw a Poke ball to catch Pokémon, it might attempt to escape, so be careful.
  10. Find PokeStops at public art installations, monuments and historical markers to search more poke balls
  11. With the help of your smartphone camera, your Pokemon Go will utilize the physical location data to catch, battle and trade in Pokemon.
  12. Pokemon Go v0.37.0 MOD game is free but you can purchase Pokecoins against real money. In case you are not interested in setting up password protection for the purchases in Google play App settings

How is Pokemon Go v0.37.0 MOD game different from others?

There has been a lot of improvements in the Pokemon Go v0.37.0 MOD game released in July 2016. Some of those improvements are as given below

  1. Pokémon Appraisal will now enable Pokemon Go players to learn about Pokemon attacks and its defense capabilities from team leaders Candela, Spark and Blanche jus to ensure their Pokemon has potential for battle
  2. Some more exciting features are awaiting in the wings for the next edition.

How Hack Pokemon GO

  • Download Pokemon GO from the link on our page
  • Install the link and now download Hide Mock Location Module app
  • Install this App and then activate it with Xposed Installer
  • Now click to open this App
  • Now select Pokemon GO and reboot device
  • Open and minimize it
  • Noe open Mock Location App. It is actually a Fake GPS App
  • Then deep press your location followed by the location you choose to go
  • Once you select the route, just click on green tick and choose speed around40 : 20
  • Now open Pokemon Go v0.37.0 MOD game and start walking in Pokemon App
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